I have been using Golden Gro for two years and all of my horses look and feel fantastic! Within a couple of weeks they filled out and looked and felt better. This is a natural supplement. With the amount of shipping and racing I do throughout North America, it can be very stressful on a horse's system. Since using Golden Gro, they keep weight on and perform, perform, perform!

Casie Coleman, Trainer - Casie Coleman Racing Stable


 We have been using Golden Gro since February of 2013 and have had two world records since using it! I believe in it so much that I became the distributor for it in New Jersey!

Jonas Czernyson, Trainer/Driver - Team JC Stable


 I started using Golden Gro last fall on all of my babies. It helped them develop good muscle structure and their coats were all sleek and shiny. It also made them feel good. This was all within a month. We started "She's All In" on Golden Gro because she wasn't keeping weight on. Within one month she started filling out over her butt. Now she looks and feels great! Golden Gro is a very good supplement for horses of all ages!

Rick Plano, Trainer/Driver - Plano Racing Stable


 "I have been a Standardbred horseman all of my life, starting as a groom, I worked for harness racing greats Billy Haughton and Soren Norden. When I was 23 years old I opened my own business and began training and racing my own stable. In 1993, I found out about a horse supplement that has quite literally changed the way my horses perform. A friend of mine mentioned “Golden Gro”, an all-natural supplement that not only helps muscle growth and maturation, but growth in general and overall health.

Thanks to Golden Gro, my horses are stronger, larger, and more capable of competing than any I have worked with. Some of my greatest horses have used Golden Gro since the time they were yearlings.

Master Lavec, the 1999 Breeders Crown champion and Diamond Goal, at one point the fastest trotter in the world, were both fed Golden Gro on a daily basis. I have never before seen a product as efficient as Golden Gro in assisting in muscle growth and sustainment. The best part of Golden Gro is that it is all natural, with no artificial components and no hormones. I have been a Golden Gro customer for over 15 years and continue to be amazed with the impact it has on my horses.

Dan Daley, Trainer/Driver - Dan Daley Racing Stable


 "I started using Golden Gro on Keemosabe four weeks ago. During that time he has grown 2 inches and filled out impressively. I attribute his filling out in large part to the effects of Golden Gro and in the future all of the horses I own will be using the product".

Jerry Glantz, Owner - Keemosabe


 "Move On" is a twelve year old pacer we acquired in May 2013. He was immediately placed on Golden Gro, a natural vitamin and mineral supplement we give to all of our standardbreds. We started noticing a remarkable change in his size and his coat. He gained a healthy amount of weight and his coat became lustrous and sleek. This did not surprise us, as we had similar results with other horses in the stable. His energy level also improved. He was anxious to exercise and train and in July he set a new lifetime mark of 1:51:4. We feel that Golden Gro is an excellent choice of supplement for any performance horse!

J. Sansone Racing Stable


 We have seen great results with Golden Gro... Muscle definition, overall condition, vitality! They look and perform better!

Kim Myers - Standardbred Owner/Trainer


 I have had my yearlings on Golden Gro for 7 weeks and I'm thrilled with the results! They have filled out, muscled up, and look fantastic! I plan to continue using Golden Gro on all my yearlings in the future!

Ashleigh - Alerage Farm Manager

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